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Hunter Trumbo

719 S. Alfred St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Greetings BRs,

I hope all is well for you and your families. I’ve heard from a few folks during the last couple of months, so here’s a recap.

Foster Taliaferro (my brother Raleigh ‘93 still swears he was the scariest upperclassman as a Rat) is still with Martin Marietta and currently resides in the Atlanta area. He’s been with them years now, and is a Production Manager in the North Georgia Area overseeing 5 quarries. Foster and wife Tiffany have been married 10 years as of June, and they have three great kids Wyatt 6, Ashlyn 4, and Alyssa 2. He’s moved the family around quite a bit (9 addresses in 12 years), but that’s what is needed to proceed up the corporate ladder. Foster offered that if anyone knows VMI alumni interested in the aggregates field either in engineering or production sales to be in touch. I think we’d all like a couple of other VMI guys to work with.

Paul Hartigan was in touch from Colorado. He and his wife Lois made the decision that one of them should stay home with their new son Bryan, and Paul won! In his words: “Here I go from being … head of the dartboard target committee at VMI to a trained killer and leader of killers in the Army to wiping snot, dirty bottoms and doing laundry twice a week.” I’d say he’s made the transition well. To get some adult interaction Paul is working the Volunteer Ski Patrol at two area resorts, and he was looking into getting his EMT certification to see what his next career will be. Paul relayed a few folks that he’s been in touch with: “I have run into Ed Swanson, he is now the equivalent of a TAC at the AF Academy. He had me down for the AFA/Navy game in October of last year; he is doing well and enjoying what he is doing. Funny we don't seem to be able to get together more often and we only live 30 minutes apart. I have been in email contact with Tim Haynie, but not recently, he lives on the same street that I did when I was stationed at Ft Carson. Went to a Founders Day function last year, lots of younger guys, but none of our target zone 87-93. I have been in email and snail mail contact with Tim Bosetti, Christmas cards and the like. He is now down in Texas.”

I’ve gotten a few notes from Jim Hubbard who is still down in North Palm Beach. He and his wife Pam are expecting their first child, they think a boy, in August ’03. Both are very excited, and I hope are stocking up on their sleep. Jim, if you need any advice I’d suggest you contact “Mr. Mom” Hartigan – he’s the expert.
Bill Ator finally got parole from assignments out west. He PCSd from Colorado Springs to Northern Virginia and is working in the Space Operations and Integration Directorate on the Air Staff at the Pentagon. Suzy and their three kids are ecstatic at living in Virginia and amongst more than the occasional tree.

Chris Huff (the man with “the hair”) and I spoke recently. His dental practice in Blacksburg is going well and the area is growing, so he’s considering moving into his own building soon. When I called his kids were in the bath, and it sounds like Gibson (2) has his father’s singing voice. Chris said that they’ve been preparing for Madelyn’s (4) first dance concert, so his house has been very busy. He was looking for a new hobby so he has something to do between patients, so Chris has been learning to play the mandolin.

Chris visited Paul Kricorian in D.C. not too long ago and relayed this story to me. Paul was stationed in the section of the Pentagon that was hit on 9/11, and luckily was in a meeting in a different section of the building at the time of the attack. Coincidentally Paul’s brother was away from his office in the WTC when those buildings were hit as well. I think someone was looking over the Kricorian family that day.

I talked with Mark Cheadle the other day. He’s still at Ft. Hood, TX but thinks he’s going to be moving to Baton Rouge soon. He said he’s enjoying the Texas lifestyle and is golfing quite a bit at the 6 courses within 30 minutes of his house. (I think we need to have a Ft. Hood golf week) Mark and his wife Corina have been coaching their son Christopher (4), so he’s batting just over .300, and can hit a golf ball pretty straight. Sounds like they’ve got a natural athlete on their hands – I’ll send the VMI recruiters down to scout when you think he’s ready.

Guys, I greatly appreciate the notes of encouragement I have received. Please keep me posted via email or phone for anything new going on in your lives, and I swear I’ll get it in the notes. Rick Neff continues to regularly update our website http://www.vmi90.org, so let’s keep him busy!

Have a great summer,

Hunter Trumbo ‘90


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