VMI Class of 90


Winter 2001 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Greetings from Flint Hill.  I need to hear more from you all, so I can get a longer set of class notes together.  I hope you all are not still resting from reunion weekend.  I want to try and host a class picnic sometime this summer; if anyone is willing to help out, please give me a ring.

Dave Walsh check in from Florida.  He keeps me abreast of the Notre Dame recruiting issues.  Dave did not seem too keen on the Irish winning the national championship this coming year.  Dave and I no longer watch games together to do some minor damage to a Lexington hotel after a victory once.

I heard from Andy Conville.  He and his family moved again with Ford, where Andrew is in quality assurance.  He strained me and told me to do a better job with class notes.  So before I am fired, you all get some information in, and I promise you, it will show up in the Review.

Chuck Green sent me the funniest George W. Bush acceptance speech; it came from Chilton and April Morris and by the looks of it went to a lot of the class.  I hope everyone got it.

I also heard from Kelly Musick.  He was checking in on some issue and seemed to be doing well.

Spoke to Pete Tunnard a while back.  As always, Pete and Anna are doing well with their family in Fairfax.

There has been a lot going on at VMI, and I will be heading down this weekend to attend the Class Agents' Conference.  I am hoping to learn some ways to get information flowing and see what is happening at the "I."  I also have some final wrap-up from the reunion to take care of for the class.

As always, the farm is open and there are plenty of beds.  So please let us know when you can stop through, or give me a call so I can found out what everyone is up to.


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