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Winter 1999 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

4614 Butte Road
Richmond, VA 23235


Hey guys, I hope these notes find everyone doing well. I appreciate some of you updating your information on the Web page. It really makes it easier for me to put together these notes.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family and friends of Brother Rat Jim Mavor, who passed away last summer. Many Brother Rats have expressed to me their sadness upon hearing this news. Jim embodied the VMI Spirit through his warm and kind manner, and he will be greatly missed.

Finnie Coleman has left his post teaching English at VMI and has relocated to Texas A&M. He said that there have been quite a few changes in Lexington since the integration of the Corps. I ran into Finnie last year at the "I" and he looks exactly like he did when he was in the summer tutorial with some of us in 1986. Sal Bora is stationed at Fort Polk as an observer controller in the JRTC aviation division. He is pursuing his master's degree in human resource management at Central Michigan University.

Despite the rumors, Andy Conville is alive and kicking. It was good hearing from him on the Web page. I had spent several days on the phone trying to chase him down after I got a call from the alumni office asking me if Andy had passed away. He is in Albany, New York, with the Ford Motor Company and was married last year to Annette.

At last check, Jim Cox was in Wallace, North Carolina, working at Murphy Farms as a financial analyst. Jim has a great fondness for hog farming. Raynor Gary is in Greensboro working as a LAN analyst for a textile company. He continues to serve in the Air National Guard as a squadron engineer in the 263 Combat Unit in Badin, North Carolina. Paul Hartigan, for the time being, resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His flying duties have taken him pretty much across the globe to Fort Ord, Korea, Fort Rucker and Cuba.

Tom Pugh continues his time in the Army in command of the 44th Signal Battalion in Germany. He states that he and his growing family are doing well and 'enjoying' the military life. Brian Burchette is commanding the 659th Ordinance Company in the 18th Airborne Corps.

Michael Herbaugh is in Blacksburg, Virginia, in computer consulting and has worked on some business endeavors with Rick Neff and Bill Madison. All three are in Blacksburg and encourage anyone who passes through to look them up in the book. I also want to personally thank Rick for his hard work on our class Web site. This has greatly improved out class' ability to keep in touch with one another.

Chris Huff is also in the land of the Hokies practicing dentistry with his father. Jim Hubbard has finished his MBA and is looking for employment somewhere in southern Florida. I am sure these notes find him employed by the time they got to print but we still wish him luck. Bob Pedigo left the military and is employed as a consultant with American Management Systems. He has been outnumbered in the household with the addition of two daughters to his family.

Brett Turner is working with American Railcar as a MIS field programmer/analyst and gets together with John Reich and his wife on occasion.

Chris Whittaker was in command of the 503 Maintenance Company, 1st Coscom and has two additions to his family as well. Chris will be taking a VMI ROTC faculty position in September. Good luck, Chris! Stephen Yarbrough reports from Atlanta where he is working for Trusco Capital as the director of trading and operation. Congratulation on his recent marriage. David Yockel remains in Greensboro as a human resource manager for Lexington Furniture Industries. He is enjoying the single life.

Bill and Suzy Ator, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, have two children and Bill is flying Milstar satellites for the Air Force. He had been stationed out in the desert conducting simulated nuclear wars but he states that he got tired of the 80 mph winds, no trees and wind chills of 60 degrees below zero.

Mike Trahar in Okinawa, Japan, writes that all is well with a couple of other Brother Rats. Mike is with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit as an operations officer. He keeps in touch with Todd Eckloff, John Golden and Scott Meade on the island.

Tim Feagans is in Dallas, Texas, and is working with Axitve International as the director of business development. He has expanded his family to include two wonderful boys and a lovely wife. Tim writes that Andrew McCaig has finished his MBA from the University of Texas and is working in industrial real estate.

Well, until next time, I hope everyone finds peace and good health. Don't forget to update the Web page or send me a personal e-mail -- hshirey@ix.netcom.com.


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