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Summer 1997 Class Notes


Hunter E. Shirey

7094 Bruce Academy Ct.
Mechanicsville, VA 23111


I hope these notes find everyone doing well. I am sure wherever you are, you can occasionally pick up a newspaper and find our beloved Instititute in the headlines or editorials. It seems like the topic of conversation these days with all of the recent "changes" that have taken place. For better or worse, at least it is a chance to catch up on the latest happenings around the "I."

Speaking of happenings, everyone in Richmond with whom I have been in contact is doing well. I do not want to be redundant quarter after quarter so I will do my best to report new and improved news. I also want to thank Rick Neff for creating a web site for our class. It is an excellent way to keep in touch without buying a stamp. Richard has started a computer consulting company in Blacksburg and is soon to be married. The web site address for our class is http://www.vmi90.org. Drop in and say hello if you get the time.

Mark Cunningham is taking a hiatus this month due to undertaking a major reconstruction of his new home and getting married. Congratulations to Mark, and good luck to you and Karen. The ghetto corner guys are doing well; some of us occasionally keep up with each other on the links. Some more than others; right, Buddy? Congratulations to Buddy's wife, shannon (Plageman) Garbett, who graduated from Washington and Lee School of Law in May. They will both stay in Richmond. Andy England has moved back to Kansas to take a managerial job with a construction company. He and Katy are doing well raising their little man, Grant. They recently has a "going away" party where there were a number of our fellow BRs in attendance to wish them luck. David Peaco brought the cigars and Keats Wade supplied the laughs. David and his wife, Angie, are living in Machanicsville, Virginia, and have a beautiful little girl, Jenna. David has a mechanical contracting company in Richmond and still finds the time to meet at the Crossings frequently.

Ramil Ibanez and his wife, Joanne, are in Richmond. Ramil finished his MBA and is pursuing the CFA. He reports that John Cabell and Trey Wetsel are doing well. Dennis Fogler reports that he is with Capital One in information systems and loving every minute of it. He is in graduate school at VCU and staying active with running and mountain biking.

Chris Pratt is still in the Navy as a P-3C flight officer and is in postgraduate school studying for a master's in information technology managment. Charles Sewell is in Georgia running the family business and wants everyone to stop in if you all are ever in Sandy Springs. Charles go married in June of '95 and reports that he recently attended an engagement party for Quil Healy. Leonard Carson has had a career change to teaching eighth grade math at Deep Creek Middle School in Chesapeake, Virginia. He thoroughly enjoys his new post and states that the education field needs a few more good VMI men. I hope you're prepared for any Fosters coming your way in the future. Ryan and his family are going well and are still in the Chesapeake area.Weedon Gallagher, Frederick, Maryland, got married in May of '95. Conner was a recent addition to their family as well. Tim Haynie is in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and is in command of an Engineer Combat Support Equipment Company. He has another addition to his family with the birth of their second child, Anna Carina. Congratulations, Tim and Susanna!

Paul Holland was recently in town getting together a pre-nuptial gathering for John King, who got married in April. John is still in Chicago with IDX Systems Corporation as a sales executive. Good luck to you and Grace in your new life together. Jim Hubbard e-mails from Alabama where he works at U.S. Steel and is in school at the University of Alabama. Rich Mehl is stationed at RAF Mildenhall in the UK flying the KC-135R stratotanker, living the good life on captain's pay, he states. He is out there with Ed Skeletor Swanson who is a "nav in the tank." Dave Walsh is also in the UK as a C-130 combat Shadow navigator with special operations, also married. Brian Albro is back in the states with his wife, Kathy, living in northwest Washington. He is enjoying the high country and learning to fly prowlers. John Burleson received his master's in civil engineering. He and his wife, Sarah, bought a farm in Lexington and are raising sheep. They also converted the farm house into a bed and breakfast. The B&B is called Lavender Hill Farm and is about five miles from Lexington. Give them a call or drop in and stay a night if you are in the area. Their phone number is 800/446-4240. Good luck, John and Sarah. Sean Carty is stationed at the Naval Air Force Facility Washington at Andrews Air Force Base flying the C-12B. He and his wife had twins, Ian and Calypso. They are now 2 and a half and I presume a full time job.

Matt Hemenez got out of the Marines and is selling for atelecommunications firm in Tustin, California. He has kept in touch with Victor Sabino who recently took a patrol position with the Las Vegas Police Department. Look for him on COPS. Paul Kucik was married in February of '95 and he and his wife have their first child, Nicole. They are stationed in Hawaii, soaking up the good life. Chris Whittaker is in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, serving as a brigade maintenance officer for the 35th Signal Brigade. He is taking command of the 503rd Maintenance Company in May. Pete Wick finished his Ph.D. at Perdue University in analytical chemistry, and is working on chemical and biological warfare defense systems at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He is contemplating going back into teaching someday after spending some time n the defense sector.

I encourage anyone who has access to the Internet to leave your news and happendings at our website, http://www.vmi90.org. It is much easier to assimilate the information for you all and stay up to date. I will get with Richard and work out some additional ways in which we can improve our means of communicating.

In conclusion, I continue to enjoy married life, going to school, running, playing golf, and living the good life in Richmond. If anyone passes through, stop in or call. Until next time, peace be with everyone.


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