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Finnie Coleman


E-mail: coleman@tamu.edu 
Web Page: http://www.dellsly.com or http://www-english.tamu.edu/pers/fac/coleman/control.html
Associate Director Honors Program / Texas A&M University


(5/20/02) Hello All,

I was out on the site and realized that it has been quite a few years since I last updated my info. I am currently serving as the associate director of the Honors Program at Texas A&M University. I still teach a course in African American Literature (Culture and History), but most of my time is consumed by my administrative duties. 

Hard to believe but I am preparing for my fifth year at Texas A&M. Sometimes I feel like I am a spy in the enemy's camp. I've worked some with the Corps of Cadets down here...they really do have a fine program here. I recently left my academic position for an administrative post. I do plan to return to the classroom at some point in the future. 

If any of you find yourselves in central Texas, give me a holler...Just call Texas A&M (979) 845 3211 and ask for me...



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