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Hunter Trumbo

719 S. Alfred St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Greetings Brother Rats,

I’ve had quite a few folks checking in over the last couple of months – thanks for keeping me up to date on what’s going on with you. Believe it or not, I’m starting to think towards our 15th reunion. I may tap a few of you to help in the planning.

I had a conversation with Pete Wick not too long ago, but he had company over and couldn’t chat. Pete please – get in touch so we know what’s up. If anyone has heard with Pete’s roommates Mike Trahar, Bill Donahue, or Joe Burns, please drop me a line. We need an update about the crew from room ‘10.

Taylor Farmer checked in from Oklahoma, where he and OK native Katie celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss in November ’03. They are blessed with Katie (5) and John (1). He finished up his MBA at Oklahoma City U last summer and is doing Human Resources work for a hospital. Taylor said that the only BRs he’s aware of being near him are Bill Arnold (Ft. Worth, TX) and Rick Kimmel (Tulsa, OK). Is anyone else nearby?

I had a great chat with John Hunter. He’s a project manager for Dresser, Inc. in Plano TX. He and Kelly have been married 10 years and have Chandler (7) a little leaguer, and Reagan (3) who’s already playing soccer. John is teaching 1st grade Sunday school, and his parenting skills are getting noticed. He was a 2002 Collin County Father of the Year finalist. He lost to a guy who apparently was sainted after feeding & clothing an entire 3rd world country. When we spoke, he had just returned from Huntsville, AL where he and Chandler (7) did the Aviation Challenge (akin to Space Camp) – he said that if you’re looking for a parent/child bonding weekend, it’s outstanding. 

Weedon (Kevin) Gallagher emailed me just before leaving for Bagram, Afghanistan. He had finished company command in the 121st Engineer Battalion, Maryland National Guard, in April where he worked for LTC Keith Jarvis ('82). CPT Ted Cusick ('88) and Pat Foley ('93) are also in the Battalion. He has returned to the Reserves and left this summer for a 9-month deployment. Back in the “real world” Weedon works for an engineering firm in Beltsville, MD. Anne and his three boys (Connor 7, Kirby 5, and Ty 2) are going to miss him while he’s deployed. Thanks for rebuilding the world Kevin.

It is amazing how many folks are in the D.C. area, and Daren Payne seems to have seen most of them recently. He works in Alexandria at the Army Test and Evaluation Center. In his words, he’s “a test pilot for small arms weapons” as he keeps “the shores of the Potomac free from Iraqi amphibious assault!” Daren lives in Stafford right now but expects to leave next year. He manages to get some leisure time for fishing, hunting, and going to ball games and NASCAR races. Daren ran into Mike Manning down at Quantico, where Mike is his USMC small arms counter-part. Mike’s living in Stafford too and just got married. Bill Ator hitched a ride home with Daren recently, and Matt Hemenez checked in to let him know Vic Sabino was getting married. OK Vic, I thought you were waiting for me . . . .

Jim Cox is living in Newport News, and his wife Jennifer blessed him with Charles Henry Cox in March. He’s working for the Smithfield Deli Group, and bumps into Fred Minniegerode and Andy Beazley a good bit. His brother Ned 89 spent about six months in Afghanistan with the Special Forces, after being called up from the reserves, but is back practicing law in Richmond. Jim’s younger brother Billy, 93, (Keats Wade’s dyke) is in Lynchburg, working and running a farm in his “spare time.

Brett Turner emailed me that he has returned to active duty in the U.S. Army, and his 2003 World Tour begins in Korea. This time he gets to take the family, so hopefully the time will fly by. Stefan Herzog and his family have escaped southern California, and are now living down in Orlando.

Another new-Orlando resident is Peter Tunnard who is working with ExxonMobil as the local marketing manager.Pete spoke with Mike Intesto '90 a few months ago, who is running a business with his wife Cheri in Southern NJ. Pete got to spend a couple of days with Bill Miller '89 in Norfolk before taking the family to the Outer Banks. 

A number of our classmates gathered to support Trey Wetsel at his mother’s funeral. Ramil Ibanez wrote that he and Karen, John and Betsey Cabell, and C.J. Bodnar were all there for our BR . Ramil let me know the happy news that he and Karen are expecting baby #2 in February ‘04. Class of 2026 – now that’s scary!

After hiding from me for a long time, Pete Mantz gave me a call from the Tidewater area where he’d just returned from deployment. He’s leaving for San Diego before the end of the year to be the XO of an MH-60 training squadron. He said that he keeps running into cadets he taught while he was back a VMI teaching Navy ROTC. 

And last, but not least, John King emailed from Chicago where he works for McKesson Corporation as a national sales manager in their software division. He & Grace have Katie (5), Harrison (3), and are expecting a 3rd by the end of 2003. He let me know that Paul Holland also works at McKesson in Atlanta as a regional sales manager for their software division, and that Paul has a one year named David. John often talks to Fritz Schrichte who lives in San Francisco with his wife Sara.

Guys, thanks for keeping me up to date with what’s going on. This job is a lot easier with your help. That’s it for now – drop a line when you get a chance. Hunter Trumbo, 90! 90! 90!


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