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I received many great updates from our class and am glad to hear that our class is being promoted, retiring, moving around the world and country, taking new jobs, sending kids off to college, and on and on. It's great to get your updates, so keep them coming!

Andy Kvasnicka reported from northern Virginia where he is working with Virginia Power during the week and "arresting people for free on weekends" for Prince George's County. What a deal! He also passed on that he will be attending Rodney Edwards' retirement ceremony fro the Marines later this spring at Quantico. Congrats to Rodney on his upcoming retirement. Andy also recently heard from Kevin Hanford, who is living in Warrenton, VA, and doing well.

A number of our Brother Rats are on the move. I heard from Andy Conville who is moving from Tuscon, Arizona, to Whitewater, Wisconsin. Andy is taking a new job with Generec Power Systems as a director of Service Administration. I've warned Andy about his possible conversion to being a Cheesehead and have asked him to join my Packer hater club. We'll see.

Finnie Coleman is also on the move. He recently moved from Albuquerque with the University of New Mexico to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Finnie is shadowing the university's provost as part of a future leaders program in academia. He was recently selected to the American Council of Education Fellows, and it sounds like he will be a university president here very soon. Finnie's wife, Doris, just completed her dissertation and is rising in the ranks of academia herself. He reports that his daughter, Anele, and son, Finnie, are growing too fast and loving Florida.

And finally, Dave Osborne checked in and reported that he will be heading from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana to northern Virginia this spring where he will take a government related job in Arlington. His family is very active including 10th grade twins, and his oldest son, who is now a published author of horror books. When you get to northern Virginia, don't forget to check in with Chris Whittaker. Chris is now VP of the MI Alumni Association's Potomac River Chapter. Chris recently saw Steve Fitton and Kenny Robinson at some other alumni events and is enjoying his time at the Pentagon with the Army.

Congratulations go out to Brian Haslam. He will be completing his master's in nursing in May and will be a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. As a CNA, he will be an integral part of the surgical team, administering anesthesia in all types of surgical cases. Having spent a little bit of time in the hospital in my job, I know this is a major accomplishment for Brian and we wish him well as he embarks on this career. Brian also passed along that his father is serving as a VP in the VMI Foundation. He also recently ran into Tome Slater, who is doing well.

Tim Edwards sent along an update from his home in Chesterfield, VA. The Edwards' added their 6th child *Mimi) last year, making it three boys and three girls in Team Edwards. IN Minnesota, this is called a hockey team. In his spare time, Time is an engineering product manager services Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Time recently had the chance to connect with Dave Bland, Rob Campbell '88 and Tony Lake '89. He's also on the lookout for Scott Smith and Todd Toler, his roommates, who apparently haven't checked in awhile. No pressure Brother Rats but you may want to drop Tim a note!

Trey Wetsel is tying the knot. Trey is marrying Megan Laventy of Gaithersburg, MD, in February. Ms. Laventy is a surgical assistant who grew up in Philly, which suggests she will take no #!@t from Trey. Sounds like the Wetsels will be taking in a honeymoon in the Caribbean, and we all wish them well!

It was great to hear from Jim Hubbard who is living in Signal Mountain, TN, near Chattanooga. Both he and his wife, Pam, work in finance for TVA. Jim proudly reported that he is coaching his two sons, Walker and William, in a host of sports. One piece of trivia on Signal Mountain...it's the boyhood home of one Tom Pugh, who grew up there.

Speaking of Tom Pugh, Brian McCormack sent in an update from Fort Gordon, GA. Brian is assigned to Warrior Transition Battalion there and Tom is the 35th Signal Brigade Commander on the same post. Brian is deployed there temporarily, while his family continues to live back in northern Virginia. He's looking forward to rejoining them soon. Brian also catches up with Dave Kaulfers on occasion, who is with the Army Corps of Engineers in San Francisco.

Jim Hynes reports that he will be spending more time in Lexington. Jim, his wife, Kim, and their daughter, Margaret, were recently in Lexington where Margaret was touring W&L. Soon thereafter, Margaret was selected for admission to W&L and will be an incoming member of the class of 2016. Congratulations to Margaret! While in Lexington, Jim met up with Col. Tom Piegari and reports that he is doing great. He also caught up with John Hahn recently in Washington D.C., where John is working for the Coast Guard.

Finally, Garrett Peck checked in with a great update on Charlie Tujo, his roommate, who is currently stationed as a doctor with the Air Force at Travis AFB in California. Garrett and Charlie connected over dinner when Charlie was out in D.C. for his annual board review meeting. Shortly after that, Garrett learned that Charlie was promoted to full Colonel. Congratulations Charlie!

Chris Whittaker recently roped Garrett into speaking at one of the recent alumni events in northern Virginia. According to Garrett, he and about 30 other VMI folks visited PX, a classic-looking 1920s-era speakeasy in Alexandria, Virginia, in January. Garrett gave a short talk about Prohibition in D.C. and the crew sipped delicious cocktails. Chris Watson was there as well.

Lastly, Garrett is proud to report that his third book is being published in April. It's called The Potomac River: A History and Guide, which covers the historic sites that are accessible to the public along the 383-mile river, combined with recreation opportunities. The hope of the book is to get people to appreciate the river's history and to get some exercise while they're at it.

Finally, as I sat down to compile our notes for this edition, I learned of the passing of Col. Bill Dabney '61 who served as our commandant. I've heard from many of you already and your notes reaffirm what we all know -- Col. Dabney was a tremendous role model and inspiration to our class. He was an outstanding man, leader, and the definition of a Marine. We will all miss him but never forget the wonderful influence he has on our class.

All the best until next time.



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