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It's a privilege to step in and take over as class agent for our class, and this represents my first class notes -- so bear with me!

If you're not aware, Hunter Trumbo -- after more than eight outstanding years of serving as our class agent -- has stepped aside (but thankfully, not fully away) from class agent duties. Hunter is pursuing his master's degree at The Darden School of UVA and, like many of us, has multiple obligations. I offered to take on this responsibility, and I am happy to do so. Several other classmates also offered to support this role, and I will call on those gentlemen's support and input down the road.

Hunter and Stacy Trumbo deserve an enormous amount of credit and out sincere appreciation. They have planned the last two reunions, and Hunter has been the glue that has kept us all connected and informed over the years (and much, much more!) Thank you, Hunter and Stacy, for your outstanding service to our class!

I'm pleased that Hunter has graciously offered his ongoing support to me and the class, and I know he won't be far away and will be actively engaged.

As for me, I'm happy to take on this role, but I will only be successful with your help. My address, phone number, and e-mail are above, and I encourage you to write and call often. I look forward to connecting with you.

It will also be exciting to start the planning and execution of our 25th Reunion. I know we just recently celebrated our 20th, but 2015 will be here before you know it. Stay tuned, as we will be forming a few committees to undertake the planning. We will be ramping up our fundraising efforts, as well.

I assure you that these pages will not be used for fundraising; however, I do want to pass along one quick word on financial support for the Institute. I recently returned to the Institute for the Institute Society Dinner and was, once again, struck by the wonderful changes at VMI. The quality and commitment of today's cadets is truly outstanding (not sure I could have even been admitted into today's Corps.) The Post looks truly amazing -- with a new Third Barracks, incredible Rat training facilities and the most impressive Leadership and Ethics center of any college in the U.S. All of this is true, however, despite state funding falling to only 14% of the Institute's yearly funding. In short, they need alumni financial help to maintain the VMI we all know and love. Let's all do what we can, and I'll be following up with more info how you can help.

Hunter passed on a few notes from our BRs, and they are welcomed news. Ed Swanson (aka Skeletor) e-mailed recently to say that he has left the Air Force Academy where he was a cadet squadron commander and recently landed at an assignment at Langley AFB in VA. Ed is serving as the Global Strike Command Air Expeditionary Force liaison office to Air Combat Command. He pans all the deployments of B-2 and B-52 bombers in the Air Force and all the support personnel that accompany them. Ed also recently completed a successful stint in Iraq working in communications. Most importantly, Ed became a "proud" member of the Baghdad Cigar Aficionado Club where he smoked stogies at Saddam's pool every other Saturday. Some people will do anything to smoke a Cuban! If you're in the Hampton Roads area, let Ed know at skelator7@gmail.com.

I was also recently forwarded an e-mail chain with some info on Lt. Col. Ley Havird. Ley recently returned from a desert tour in Qatar in September. He passes along that his wife, Jenn, and his girls are doing well. His family is at Travis Air Force Base in California, where they plan to be until next summer. Ley also recently passed through Orlando where he had dinner with Brent Wertz '91.

John King
John King,
Karl Powers
& Fritz Schrichte

Finally, we got a great note and photo from John King, who recently meat up with Karl Powers and Fritz Schrichte and their respective families for an incredible-sounding vacation in Alaska -- which they dubbed the 1990 Izavieknik VMI Chapter Mini Reunion.

The Powers, King, and Schrichte clans -- including seven kids with an average age of six -- were piloted deep into Alaska by Karl (via his company Papa Bear Adventures / http://www.pbadventures.com) into the Upper Togiak region. As if that wasn't enough risk, the group camped and rafted down the Izavieknik River to Togiak Lake and went hundreds of miles in the deep wilderness of Alaska. John also pointed out that the campfires brought back great memories of FTXs and the great bonding conversations that marked our years at VMI.

John and his family are living north of Atlanta in Milton, and he indicated that Paul Holland, who he sees often, is bouncing back and doing well from a recent auto accident -- great news indeed!

And finally, let me send out a very special thanks to our veteran BRs on the just passed Veteran's Day 2010. Thanks for your service and keeping us free!

Until next time, keep the cards and e-mails coming.



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