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Greetings BR’s

For everyone who completed the online survey for our reunion, thanks so much for your inputs (and for a few funny, sarcastic comments). Almost 100 folks indicated they plan to attend, so we should have a great crowd.

Kelly Musick sent over a few emails, and let me know that he had attended a “mini Foxtrot reunion” consisting of lunch with Brett Turner and Reed Hudgins in Suffolk, VA. Brett was training for a mission rehearsal exercise with the Army, and is soon headed eastward. Reed is about to PCS to Germany for a few years. Both gentlemen are soon to be battalion commanders, and had a chuckle about how so many of the “average” VMI guys make successful careers in the military. Kelly also met Bob Pedigo recently in Honolulu squashing the rumors that he had fallen off the end of the earth. Bob’s planning to make the long trek back to Lexington for our reunion to prove it to everyone.

Brad Steverson checked in from Knoxville, TN where he leads a double life (it’s OK though - his wife Cynthia knows). As a civilian, Brad’s the Director of Operations for a Rubber Insulation Manufacturer. In the National Guard, he’s the Deputy FSCOORD for the 278 ACR HBCT. Brad is shipping out to Iraq around the first of the year, so he won’t be able to attend the reunion this spring, but he’s hoping to be able to catch up with folks soon. He says he doesn’t bump into many VMI folks down in Knoxville, but I’ll bet he finds a bunch when he gets over there.

Rob Clark was in Alexandria recently for a conference, and I was able to get him to take a break from work so we could spend some time re-telling the VMI stories that seem to just keep getting funnier. I asked him for an official class notes submission, and here’s what I received:

“Laura and I continue to be based in the (cold) upper midwest in Minneapolis. This gives us ample time to learn hockey from our nine and five year old boys - Nathan and Andrew. These little guys spend more time on the ice in a month than I spent in Scott Shipp Hall in a semester.... My new "passion" is maintaining an outdoor pond rink, fully equipped with lights, nets and a hand-made Zamboni for optimum ice.

“I continue to lead the corporate state government affairs operation (a.k.a "evil lobbyist") for Medtronic, a global manufacturer of medical technology, and the national health care debate is making my job interesting to say the least. I make frequent trips to Washington DC and you can probably find me at a state capitol any given week.

“I don't run into too many VMI chums here in the Twin Cities but am looking forward to organizing an event here soon for the faithful. If you're in town, shoot me a note via Facebook or Twitter. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in April.”

Another Rob that I connected with recently is our BR Rob Gudz, who is an engineer by day, and is a Class III dealer during his "free" time. He's been keeping up his hobby for 20 years now and has turned it into a great business, sometimes working with our BRs and other alumni that are in law enforcement. He let me tag along as he was taking some customers out for a shoot the other day, which was a great deal of fun.

In the strangest places to see a BR category, Jefferson Kaster let me know that he ran into Rob Uhorchuk at the Flying Dumbo ride in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The Kaster’s live in Florida and are loving it, especially their kids Virginia Leigh (7), James Benjamin II (4), and Caroline Grace (2). Jefferson’s wife Alison and he are considering staying when he gets “kicked out of the Gun Club” (his words) in the next couple of years. Jefferson’s still in the SJA shop at US Marine Corps Forces Central Command. He does a lot of Operational Law, including overseeing investigations into allegations of Law of War violations. He’s run into a number of VMI men on MacDill, AFB, but hasn’t gotten involved in his local Alumni chapter yet.

And last but not least, our BR Michael Herbaugh is engaged to Cheryl Coto, with an October 2010 wedding being planned in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Congrats Mike – we promise not to tell her any stories.

That’s it for this round guys -- please keep in touch. If you haven’t already made your hotel room reservations for the reunion, now’s a great time.



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