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2008 Class Notes #1


Hunter Trumbo

1900 Cool Spring Drive
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Greetings, Gentlemen,

The winter is approaching, and I'm happy to say the Rats are still in the Ratline [as of this writing]. I haven't heard from an excess of folks during the last quarter, but what we lack in volume I'd say we make up for in quality.

Mark Hennigan touched base shortly after I sent out a link to the matriculation photos that were posted on the VMI Web site. He concurred that it's amazing how the pictures can bring you right back to our "introduction" in the New Barracks courtyard. Mark has moved to Morgantown, WV, to run the West Virginia University ROTC program. He's the XO and Recruiting Operations officer there and is really enjoying the job in Mountaineer country.

I received an update from Jim Hubbard who reported a few changes in his life. He and his wife, Pam, welcomed their new son, William Ethan, to the family last spring. The family also moved to Atlanta, so as he said, "We're that much closer to the I." He's working for Mirant, Inc. doing energy trading and is hoping he'll be able to see more VMI folks since he's closer to VA.

Checking in from the city by the bay, Fritz Schrichte and his family are back in San Francisco but still getting to spend weekends in Tahoe. (Fritz -- I don't get jealous often, but you had me at Anchor Steam Brewery and closed the deal with fresh powder skiing.) He and his wife, Sara, welcomed their new son, Henry, to the family last spring, and big brother Gus is now 2 years old. Fritz is running global IT events for CMP Technology, and I think he's living out my original life plan...

David Amsden sent me a great update about his life near Boston, and it sounds like he could not be happier. He and Angela have been married for seven years and have three daughters: Alexandra (6), Katharine (4), and Isabel (2). The Amsden's reside in a small country town outside of Boston, and with his Yankee roots running deep; he's a Red Sox fan of course. David volunteered to host any BRs traveling to Boston and said he's always looking for a running partner. He's planning to run a half marathon this year and a full marathon next year as his 40th birthday present to himself. He recalled that Scott Spellmeyer, Mike Trahar and several other BRs pulled him across the 26-mile course a few times before, and it sounds like he'd appreciate them joining him again.

Mr. Amsden stays in frequent touch with roommates Brian Tate, Quill Healey and Tom Bailey, and he reminded me that they all met up lat August for Tom's promotion to lieutenant colonel at an Air Force Base in SC.

Patrick O'Leary's wife, Beth, dropped me a note and a few photos of Pat in Afghanistan. He's deployed there with the Corps of Engineers for a year, but in "real life" he works for the Office of the Attorney General as a construction lawyer. At the beginning of 2007, the O'Leary's added Andrew Thomas to the family, so I'm sure Beth is busy in Patrick's absence.

In the most unexpected class notes update of this quarter, Rob Hays dropped me an e-mail letting me know that he'd seen one of our BRs on the Discovery Channel show "Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe." The show was about rounding up geese to check for the avian flu, and our own Carl Powers was giving the show's host Mike a ride out to the bush in AK to give the geese an exam. Rob said that the host busted on Carl for taking off with saying goodbye first and that it really had him laughing.

So, I went straight to the source and got an update from Carl. He and his wife, Willow, welcomed new son Roth Jett (R.J.) to the family in March 2006, and Carl says that he is, as we'd all expect, much better looking that his father!! Carl and his brother Steve ('79), are still flying people in the bush, fishing, and hunting. He attached a photo of his two girls, Mackenzie and Sydney, with Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs." Carl said the producer didn't get enough footage of Mike, so when they were adding some time footage, Carl actually made it on the show for a few seconds. (Apparently it was enough time for Rob Hays to recognize you.) He also let me know that the producers from the ABC show "The Bachelor" called him after they saw him on "Dirty Jobs." Supposedly, they wanted him to interview to be their next Bachelor, but Willow denied Carl's permit. I'll let you guys decide if that seems on the level, but I almost believe him.

In the migration of VMI folks back towards Lexington, I'm excited to say that Matt Schwarzmann is joining the Alumni Association as the Information Officer. He, Joellyn, and their kids, Will (11), Emma (9), Grant (7), Heidi (2), will be calling Rockbridge County home starting in early 2008. It's great to see that VMI is bringing home one of its first computer science graduates to support the association, and that he's using his degree and practical experience to help serve the alumni community.

Well folks, that's it for this round. Thanks so much for your inputs, and please keep them coming. I'm here to serve.



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